Here Comes Big Mouth Season Four

Let’s see what comes next


Photo Courtesy of Decider

The newest obstacle of Season 4 of Big Mouth: Tito the Anxiety Mosquito.

Ahmari Rudolph, Editor

They’re going through changes once again! Big Mouth season three came out Friday, December 2. This season brought new characters, such as Tito the Anxiety mosquito, voiced by Maria Bamford and Natalie, a transgender girl, voiced by Josie Totah. 

“I liked this season because I found it more entertaining and I loved the fact that it had more representation. The jokes were hilarious. The plot line was eventful. And I feel that the characters developed a lot during this season,” said senior Sarah Haley.

This season is being praised for its storyline on anxiety and finding one’s identity. One of this season’s highlights was the battle of racial identity with the character Missy.

Before the season came out, there was controversy with the voice actor of Missy, who is black. The voice actor was Jenny Slate, who is white. 

Slate resigned from the role, stating that “Black characters on an animated show should be played by Black people.”

Its first season came out on September 27, 2017. Since then, they have had 4 seasons and a Valentine’s Day special. The show has been well approved by the audience and critics.

Out of all the Netflix originals, this show is one of the most popular. 

There are many colorful characters that pop up this season. Some are the Hormone Monster, Hormone Monstress, Tito the Anxiety Mosquito, Depression Kitty, Gratitoad, and much more.

The cast consists of John Mulaney, who is the queen voice of Andrew, Nick Kroll, voice of Nick, Hormone Monster Maurice, Coach Steve, and many more. Jason Mantzoukas as Jay, Jessi Klien as Jessi, new voice actor Ayo Edebiri as Missy, Jordan Peele as The Ghost of Duke Ellington, and Maya Rudolph as The Hormone Mistress, Connie.

Rotten Tomatoes gave the Netflix original 99% and it’s clear why. It has a comedic aspect, as well as showing the audience the hard reality of puberty.