The Evil Elf on the Shelf

Face it, these guys are EVIL!


Photo By Makenzie Guillen

Look at them, look a HIM, this is just pure evil. Elf on the Shelves are evil.

Makenzie Guillen, Editor

Each year, children around the world do their best to stay on Santa’s good list, to ensure that they will receive gifts come Christmas. Once the month of December rolls around however, things get a little scary.

Around December 1st, children will wake up to an “Elf on the Shelf” randomly appearing in their house.

Apparently, the Elf’s job is to watch over the kids and report back to Santa each night. What makes this even worse is that the parents are 100% on board with this. Santa’s little “Elf on the Shelf” scheme is all a coverup for something bigger.

The elves are EVIL!

Why else do you think they can get in and out of your house so easily, completely unheard? They are DEMONS! Only evil creatures are allowed to do such creepy things and get away with it. Oh, and don’t forget that they lose their “magic” if you touch them.

What if when you touch them, instead of them losing their “magic”, the human touch expels the DEMON out of the doll that it has taken residence in.

“I actually have an Elf on the Shelf at my house! I think that it is a little creepy, but fun to try and find him everyday! It gives me a challenge during the day to find out where he is. There has not been any trouble with it, so I don’t think that it has to leave,” says Mia Iglesias, senior.

Elf on the Shelf dolls should be on the same level as Annabelle, but at least Annabelle is upfront about what her intentions are, as you can see on her twitter account. Elves on the shelf should be feared because you never know what they might do when you are asleep.