Staying In Shape: Quarantine Style

Let’s see who we’re keeping up with!

Nicholas Khoury, Staff Writer

A baseball player up to bat for practice before he was forced to practice on his own.

Due to the pandemic, student athletes have not been able to compete for ALHS in sports.

Needless to say, this is a big reason that the 2020-2021 school year has been terrible for both teachers and students.

Due to the cancellation of sports, athletes have needed to train the entire time throughout the pandemic.

Baseball and softball players have needed to take endless swings in the cages.

Swimmers have needed to take laps around the pool, and golfers have needed to maintain their technique.

The one thing that drives these students to practice is the hope that spring sports will start up on time. As of now, we would be in the midst of winter sports.

Basketball teams and girls’ water polo would be playing our rival schools. On January 19th, the CIF announced that fall sports might be allowed to resume, but with playoffs off of the table. They also stated that spring sports could start on time depending on a number of factors.

Mackenzie Clark, a freshman, said that, “Softball is a lot different now with the spread of the virus and having to quarantine. Before, we had practice almost everyday of the week, and games on Saturdays or Sundays. Now, we work out once a week in a training facility for four hours. We have at least 3 games on Sundays. Practicing during the week is something almost every girl does as well. If you don’t go to lessons for hitting, pitching, catching, then most likely you are working on mechanics at home.”

Another freshman, Logan Duffey, states that he’s, “Been doing a lot of hitting and fielding drills to stay ready for baseball.”

Nonetheless, as the wait for sports to return grows longer, the more our athletes need to stay on top of their bodies. At least we know that the vast majority will be in shape and ready to contend.

Until then, it’s to the weight room.