Netflix’s Hottest New Show: Bridgerton

The cast of Bridgerton looking sophisticated throughout the show.

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The cast of Bridgerton looking sophisticated throughout the show.

Paige Johnson, Editor

Downton Abbey meets Gossip Girl. On December 25, 2020 Shonda Rhimes, the creator of the popular medical show Grey’s Anatomy, came back with a romantic drama based off the Bridgerton series written by Julia Quinn. The first season features 8 episodes all 60 minutes. 

This Netflix original focuses on the Bridgerton family in 1813 London, specifically young Daphne Bridgerton, played by Phoebe Dynevor, as she attempts to find a husband among all the other families of high status.

However, it’s not easy because while she is on the hunt for love, her family as well as the other families deal with the gossip spread and secrets spilled by the mysterious Lady Whistledown played by the one and only Julie Andrews. 

The children of the Bridgerton are all named alphabetically and they are all searching to find their own path, whether it be love, passion, career, or education they must navigate through a wild and hectic society while trying to achieve their goals.

The show itself follows many characters as they all deal with their own struggles, many of which are prevalent to today’s society. Although some topics prove to be more mature or controversial the show features them as they are real issues. 

According to Today, “If you’re looking for a colorful, romantic piece to get you through the winter, it’s hard to ask for anything more perfect than “Bridgerton.”

The music within the show is a fun added bonus as it is all modern music but instrumental so during a ball scene you may hear Thank U, Next by Ariana Grande. Focusing on romance, drama, scandal, and secrets this show covers pretty much all grounds. 

As for students here at Alta Loma who have watched the show, senior, Emily Hallback states, “I really enjoyed seeing the style and all the gowns in the show, plus it was really interesting to see how big of a cultural difference there is between the show and our society.”

With that being said, Bridgerton is a show for everyone looking for a bit of entertainment due to quarantine. It is a show of many genres that will leave you all over the place, laughing, crying, in shock, you will be left feeling every emotion.