TikTok is Selling Everything Out

Products seen on TikTok are on Demand!


Photo Courtesy of SiliconRepublic.com

TikTok is the most trendy app where everyone can see things they can definitely buy.

Jesus Sandoval Rodriguez, Staff Writer

For the past months and even the past year, TikTok has been the “go-to” app for quick and simple entertainment, ranging from funny videos to even news on cool stuff to buy.

When people see cool stuff advertised to them, usually when they go check it out or buy it, it’s often already sold out.

More than often videos showcasing a product tend to go “viral” and receive views from hundreds of thousands to even millions of people.

“I come across those videos on a daily basis if I’m on my phone and I haven’t bought anything from those yet, but I know that if I try to check it out, it’s probably sold out,” said Junior, Ulysses Martinez.

There began to be a trend where nearly if it went viral, it sold out, therefore small companies started advertising their products on Tik Tok, and soon enough they ran out of stock before they knew it.

Many saw this as an advantage and an easy way to market anything and make tons of money, so as long as a video went viral showing anything that caught their attention, it also caught their interest in buying it. 

This had begun to get so much attention since lots of videos demonstrating cool/useful things began to be shown everywhere, entire accounts were made solely to serve the purpose of showing people “cool stuff to buy on amazon”.

Millions of people viewed these videos, and thousands of them bought whatever it was they saw.

“I actually tried to get this cool-looking mini crossbow, but it was a small store and it was pretty pricy, however, it was all sold out “ mentioned Junior, Jonathan Gozo.

Of course, since so many people were stuck at home due to the pandemic, sales online for amazon and other major companies were through the roof.

Amazon for example would sell out very quickly even with huge amounts of stock of that product, and smaller companies didn’t have enough to keep up with the demand that was seen in a 60-second video.

With these ads everyone, everywhere, know when, where, and how to buy products that spark their interest just by the most popular app of all.