Viral Flash Warning Wave Trend

TikTok does it again!


Photo By Salma Calderon

@svetlaniy1 on TikTok posted a video of the trend, inserting Billie Eilish gaining over 5k likes.

Shelby Summerhays, Staff Writer

The flash warning TikTok is the latest trend being showcased around the Tiktok world.  

This trend uses fast transitions to combine real-life footage with anie clips, Kpop clips, and other viral videos. 

Users simply record a video of themselves and then edit their videos with a flash warning effect and then upload it onto TikTok. The video  uses the song, “Pyro (extended mix)” by Chester Young and Castion.  

This trend first became popular on TikTok in late June within the K-pop fan community and once again in late July within the anime stan community.  

On June 25, 2020 TikTok user, your.youth.moon used footage of the beloved K-pop boy band BTS in the first flash warning transition video and received over 164,000 likes in a month. 

Freshman Daeleynna Cardona said, “I think this trend is really cool and I enjoy watching it on TikTok.” 

The trend began to grow even more beloved in the social media community on July 24, 2020 when TikToker, shinamalini used footage from the anime television show, Haikyuu.  

In a week, the TikToker already had over 384,400 likes. “I think this trend is really fun and creative,” said freshmen, Kendall Whitsell.

A few days later on July 28th, TikTok user, sxneadbailey posted a video of herself as Lord Farquadd using the transition effect and in just three short days gained over 1.5 million likes.  

The trend grew even more when TikToker terencelarge created a transition using the Konbucha Girl video and acquired over 1.1 million likes in a day.

This trend developed so much popularity and grew within a mater of days once everyone got the hang of it, it has died down now that others tredns on TikTok have been making their way but this one is definitely one for the books.