COVID-19 Update: Gorillas Test Positive

San Diego Zoo reports…


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Gorillas at San Diego Zoo test positive for COVID-19.

Maria Soto, Staff Writer

People have stopped taking care of their health and others around them. Even Gorillas have gotten infected because of careless people, like workers and even those who do not work.

On a Wednesday, January 6th 2021, Gorillas at the San Diego Zoo began coughing, because of the virus the Zoo Global began testing the Gorillas through fecal testing. On January 8th these same gorillas tested positive for Covid – 19.

“Aside from some congestion and coughing, the gorillas are doing well,” said Lisa Peterson, executive director, San Diego Zoo Safari Park. “The troop remains quarantined together and are eating and drinking. We are hopeful for a full recovery.”

It is said that the Gorillas got infected because of a staff member who did not have any symptoms.

“ I can not believe that so many people and even innocent, cute animals have gotten infected, people should stay home so they care at least of their family,” said Lily Sandoval, a junior.

During the months of December 2020 and January 2021 there has been an amazingly big increase in the Covid – 19 cases.

During these months people were already going out without protection because they thought that there was no more Covid.

On January 1st there were a total of 37,957 people infected with Covid.

Which is extremely dumb because not just because there are not a lot of infected people means that Covid does not exist anymore. At the same time it does not matter if you do not have it or you think you do not.

There are so many people who are asymptomatic, this is why no matter what you should always protect yourself and your family members. 

Covid is still here and for the virus to get killed we need to take care of our health and not go out that much just until all the United States get the vaccine. We have to stay safe by sanitizing and keeping ourselves in a respectable distance from others.